Runaway Workers Can Register on Tawakkulna in Saudi Arabia

The Tawakkalna app management team has said in an official tweet that runaway (Huroob) workers can register on the Tawakkalna application.

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Huroob or Absent Foreign Workers can now Register on Tawakkalna

Huroob expat workers who escape from their employer and work on different or illegal jobs in a illegal way.

Employer reports to Ministry of Interior that the employee has absconded then the Expat is under Huroob (runaway status) can now finally register and use benefits of Tawakkalna app.

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The Tawakkalna application recently announced that expatriates can register themselves on it even if the validity period of their residency permits (iqamas) has expired. It is also permissible for those who are staying in Saudi Arabia on visit visas to register on the Tawakkalna app. For this, their presence in Saudi Arabia is mandatory. The authorities have made downloading & activation of Tawakkalna app mandatory when entering commercial centers, shopping malls and super markets across the regions in the Kingdom.