Saudi Man Married a Student, Teacher, Supervisor & Principal from the same School


A Saudi man married four women who attended the same school. The principal is one of these women, among other women.

Saudi Man Marries Three Women from Same School

The Youngest Wife is still studying: The female student, who is currently studying at the secondary level, has the same husband as her own teacher, the teacher has the same husband as her supervisor and the supervisor and Principal also have a common husband.


All four are happy: Western readers may be surprised, as I am. There must be some awkwardness or jealousy among the four wives. However, this is not the case; all four wives have learned to accept and live peacefully with the other wives.

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The School is in Jazan:  One of the wives, who worked as a teacher at the school, has shared with the media her experience of the whole ordeal and how she works to make all the marriages work, including her own.

The teacher-wife has stated that she feels that nothing has changed since she has gotten married to the same man as her student, the supervisor, and the principal of the school.


This arrangement between the four women has become a topic of frequent discussion in the school and the surrounding areas.

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Everybody in the school discusses the strange arrangement: The unusual arrangement between the four women is frequently discussed by the students and some locals.

If the four women don’t find anything wrong with their marriage, neither should the students or anyone else.


Source: Gulf News