Saudi Ministry Warns Companies to No Work During Afternoon

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said that workers are not allowed to work under the sunlight exposure during afternoon. The implementation will become effective on June 15.

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Work During Afternoon is Prohibited

A three-month ban on working under the sun between 12pm until 3pm for private sector companies and establishments are not allowed from June 15 until the end of Tuesday, September 15 2022.

The penalty was mentioned in Article 6 in the table of violations and the corresponding penalties, when the employer allows worker to work under the direct sunlight or in bad climatic conditions without taking the necessary precautions in the times and cases specified by the ministerial decision, violation of this article amounts to 3,000 riyals per worker.

The amount of the fine will be multiplied with the number of workers involved in the violation of the midday work ban. The penalties also include closing down the company for a period of not more than 30 days or shutting down it permanently, or imposing both fine and closure of the company.

However, there will be exemptions for outdoor work bans in some regions of the Kingdom in view of the difference in weather that decrease temperatures in those areas.

The work ban will not be applicable to employees at oil and gas companies or those engaged in emergency maintenance work.

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To receive inquiries and complaints against violators, you may contact the customer service phone number (19911), or through the Ma’an Monitoring online portal

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