30 Days Full Pay Sick Leave for Workers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia stressed that workers are entitled to sick leave with full payment for the period of first 30 days.

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A worker in Saudi Arabia is entitled for 30-days full pay Sick Leave

The worker will have three quarters of the salary for the next 60 days of sick leave and leave without payment for the following 30 days during the period of 1 year.

The HR Ministry further pointed importance that the employee’s service shall not be terminated due to sickness, before the expiry of the specific periods of sick leave specified in the Saudi Labor Law.

The Ministry added that, the employee has the right to request for the slip of his annual sick leave and if the days of sick leave fall during the days of the annual leave, the days of annual leave shall be stopped until the end of the sick leave.

After that the annual leave days will be continued and the employee is not compensated for the weekly off days that intersect his sick leave days.

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If the worker suffers injury and temporary disability following an accident during his duty time, he will be entitled to a financial aid equivalent to his full salary for a period of 60 days and the he is entitled to a financial compensation equivalent to 75% of his salary for the duration of his treatment.

In case the treatment period reaches one year, or if it is medically specifies that the worker is not likely to recover and his health condition does not allow him to continue work, the injury shall be considered as permanent disability and according to this the employment contract can be terminated.

In such case, the injury shall be compensated and the employer shall not have the right to recover what he paid to the injured employee during that year, reveals the ministry with the provisions of Saudi Labor Law.

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