Saudi Self-Driving Electric Buses for Hajj Pilgrims

Saudi self electric driving

The Transport General Authority is beginning a trial of self-driving electric buses for the first time to transport pilgrims during the Hajj season.

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Saudi Arabia announces self-driving electric Hajj buses

It aims to provide innovative modern technologies for sustainable and environment-friendly transportation.

The initiative is part of the authority’s efforts to offer multiple transportation options, making it easier for the pilgrims.

The self-driving buses travel a predetermined route without a driver by using artificial intelligence, cameras, and environmental sensors.

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They gather data while moving and analyze it to make the right decisions in order to enhance the passenger experience and guarantee safety. Each bus has 11 seats, a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, and a 6-hour battery life.

The service intends to make pilgrim mobility easier and determine whether employing these technologies during Hajj is practical. It also strives to develop the prerequisites for their future commercial functioning.

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