Expat Salaries in Saudi Arabia Highest in the World

For foreigners, Saudi Arabia has become a popular location. The Middle Eastern nation offers the greatest earnings to expats, according to a recent research by consulting firm ECA International. The highest average salary for middle managers worldwide, according to the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, is 83,763 pounds ($88.64 lakh) in Saudi Arabia. Despite a 3% decline from the prior year, it was noted that the average pay is still the highest. Meanwhile, it was discovered that sending employee to the UK was the most expensive option available.

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“While they may not top the overall rankings, expatriate salaries in the Middle East tend to be incredibly generous as a way of encouraging people to relocate there, with the highest salaries being in Saudi Arabia. However, the cost of benefits ranks lower and combined with the lack of personal tax, overall package costs are more affordable,” Oliver Browne, Remuneration and Policy Surveys Manager at ECA International, said in a release posted on the consultancy firm’s website. “This is in contrast to the UK, where the bulk of the package cost is due to tax and benefits rather than salary,” he added.

The survey said that expatriate pay gap has widened between the UK and Japan.

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It also said that average package in the UK – comprising salary, tax and benefits such as accommodation, international schooling and utilities – amounted to $441,608 (Rs 3.62 crore), though salary only made up 18 per cent of the total.

Despite the drop in real terms, Hong Kong climbed three places to become the world’s fifth-most expensive place to send expat workers. Singapore sat at 16th place in the rankings.

China, Japan, and India placed second, third, and fourth globally in the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey.

Source: NDTV

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