Caller’s Name to be Displayed for Unknown Caller in Saudi Arabia


The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) in Saudi Arabia has published a draft technical specification for displaying the name and identity of a mobile phone caller, which will go into effect on October 1, 2023.

For all 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies, the device must be able to receive and show the caller’s name and number. The caller’s name and phone number must also appear in the call record. Displaying the caller’s name on a mobile phone is an optional feature for legal entities in the Kingdom. To improve the reliability of incoming calls from the user’s legal entities.

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  • By utilizing modern technology, this specification seeks to improve the effectiveness of services offered to end users. The authority invited all relevant and interested parties inside and outside the Kingdom from all sectors to provide views, observations and suggestions on it before 17th August 2023, as it will be standardized from October 2023.
  • It aims to inform users about the functionality associated with displaying the name of the connected party and guarantee that terminal devices are compatible with networks running in the Kingdom.
  • The main goal of this specification is to make it possible for terminal devices using Saudi Arabian mobile networks to display the name of the party to which they are connected.
  • It is an extra feature that makes it possible for the call recipient to identify the caller by displaying the name of the party from whom the call originated.
  • Without the linked parties taking any effort to turn on this capability, the service providers can use it in their networks to identify the caller’s name.
  • In order to assist the feature’s availability in their networks in accordance with the specifications, service providers of mobile and land phones were urged to adopt the necessary solutions.
  • In order to ensure that the devices are compatible with the networks of service providers in the Kingdom, the manufacturers are also required to conduct tests, issue an acknowledgment to support the caller’s name display feature, and obtain the approval of all mobile network operators in the Kingdom.
  • According to the CST, mobile network providers in the Kingdom are expected to carry out the necessary evaluations, grant approval in line with the technical standard (GEN002) and demonstrate compliance to any additional requirements listed in the relevant technical specifications.
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  • In order to do this, the applicant may need to present the authority with specific test results, standardization diagrams, technical interpretations, or declarations made by the applicant in conformity with these specifications.
  • In order to be sure that the source of the caller’s name is the original source, mobile and fixed service providers must implement the required security measures in networks.
  • Coordination with service providers in the Kingdom can be used to learn more about the features and standards of telecommunications networks.
  • Manufacturers of peripheral devices are required to enable this feature on all impacted devices and to commit to supporting the identification of the device to receive the caller’s identity and phone number via the network and show it on the device’s screen.

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