Fine of 1 Million Riyal & Up to 15 Yrs Jail Time for Helping Infiltrators

saudi money
saudi money

Saudi Government has been very strict when it comes to illegal expatriates living or working in Saudi Arabia. Earlier Saudi Government has given multiple chances for illegal expatriates to return to their home town by introducing Amnesty programs.

The Authorities have now issued directives that if anyone who is helping infiltrators or illegal expats in Saudi Arabia will be strictly punished.

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Up to 15-year jail time, 1 million fine for Helping Infiltrators

A Fine of SR Million and Jail term between 5 to 15 Yrs will be levied on people helping infiltrators.

Helping also includes providing transportation to infiltrators within the kingdom or providing them with any support.

Apart from imprisonment a fine will also be levied, the means of transportation used for carrying infiltrators will be confiscated.

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The accommodation prepared to shelter the infiltrator will also be confiscated. If the means of transportation or housing are owned by others, then the penalty is a maximum fine of SR1 million.

Anyone who gives transportation to an infiltrator is a man of good faith and the offense was committed out of negligence due to certain circumstances, in such case, the penalty will be a maximum fine of SR500,000; and a decision in this regard can be taken by the competent court after examining the circumstances.

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In all the above cases, the penalty shall be published after the issuance of the final verdict in the case in one or more local newspapers or in any other appropriate medium at the expense of the convict, depending on the gravity of the crime and its impact.

The Public Prosecution shall undertake the investigation and prosecution of these crimes before referring them to the criminal court and the penalty shall be executed 15 days after issuance of the final verdict. Anyone who notifies the Ministry of the Interior with information useful for the arrest of infiltrators will be exempted from penalties stipulated in the law.

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