How to Remove Huroob without Kafeel in Saudi Arabia?

, How to Remove Huroob without Kafeel in Saudi Arabia?
, How to Remove Huroob without Kafeel in Saudi Arabia?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has issued a circular revealing the possibility of canceling the reports of Absent from work (Huroob) registered on expat workers without the need for approval from employer who registered it.

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Allowing cancellation of Huroob (Absent from Work) reports without consent of Employers with these conditions

The circular was issued by the Undersecretary for Labor Affairs, Abdul Majeed Al-Rashudi, referring a number of conditions regulating the cancellation of the Huroob (Absent from Work) report on expat’s iqama, one of which must be met in the facility where the worker is registered.

  • If the facility or company is not existing or not in place.
  • If the status of the company is under procedure and the employer has not opened another file for it within a period of not more than 30 days from the date of placing the file.
  • If the company is in red status of Nitaqat and has not committed to documenting its employment contracts at a rate of not less than 75% of its total employment.
  • If the company is in red status and does not commit to wage protection system at 80% of its total workforce.

The circular included a number of conditions that must be met by the company wishing to transfer worker’s services

The existence of an electronically certified letter in which the employer who wishes to transfer the worker’s services to him is obligated to bear all the fees incurred by the worker.

Provides the necessary conditions and controls to complete the procedures of transferring service of expat worker to the new company mentioned in the second item of Article 15 of the executive regulations of Saudi Labor Law issued on 4/11/1440 AH.

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