HR Ministry launched a Professional Verification Program for Workers


HRSD on his official account on Twitter said we launches the Professional Verification Program to ensure the Competence of Skilled Workers in the Saudi Labor Market, raise its efficiency, and improve its productivity.

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Saudi HR Ministry launched a Professional Verification Program for Workers

The human resources spokesperson Nasser Al-Hazani has asked the employers to register their facilities and book test dates for their professional workers by “clicking here”.

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi announced the launch of the professional verification examination program.

Al-Rajhi explained that the program aims to verify that professional workers owns the necessary skills to master the professions in which they work, indicating that it will contribute to raising the quality and efficiency of the Saudi labor market.

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The program seeks to improve the quality of the work of professional workers working in the Saudi labor market, raise the level of professional services provided, improve productivity, and stop the flow of unqualified professional workers to the labor market in the Kingdom.

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The program works in two tracks, The first track aims to examine professional workers in their countries before their arrival in the Kingdom in cooperation with international examination centers, while the second track aims to examine the professional workers currently in the Kingdom in cooperation with accredited local examination centers.

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The Ministry called on all companies to start examining their professional workers present inside the country. As it will be gradually mandatory according to the size of the company starting from July 2021, as for the external path, the work visa for the targeted professions will be linked to the worker passing the occupational examination in his country and gradually according to an activation plan in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the countries sending workers to the Saudi Arabia.

The program, which will contribute to developing the skills of the workforce according to international standards, to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market, targets more than a 1,000 specialized professional occupations that fall under the 23 occupational families according to the Saudi Occupational Classification.

It is reported that the professional verification program is one of the programs of the professional accreditation system, which seeks to regulate the labor market and improve the quality of labor in the Kingdom, Where the Ministry invites all companies wishing to conduct a professional verification of their workers during the optional period, starting from tomorrow, March 8, 2021, it also invites specialized centers or those wishing to obtain accreditation as centers to conduct the examination, The professional has to register in the same link to verify her/his eligibility and competence before granting permission to take these tests.

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