4 People Should not Take The Covid-19 Vaccination


The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has clarified the types of people who should avoid taking the coronavirus vaccine.

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No Pregnancy for 3 Months after Covid 19 Vaccine

Ministry has also warned married women that after the second dose of coronavirus vaccination, they should avoid getting pregnant for a period of 90 days.

The ministry rejected the authenticity of reports being circulated in social media that women who receive the vaccine shots must avoid pregnancy for a full year.

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Who should not Take the Covid 19 Vaccine?

“All the vaccines, which are being administered against coronavirus, are safe, and give protection against severe complications and death from coronavirus,” the ministry said while reaffirming that there is no evidence to show that COVID-19 would have any adverse effect on reproduction.

However, the following people should avoid taking the coroanvirus vaccination.

  1. Pregnant and lactating women.
  2. Those suffering from other severe allergies
  3. Those who have a known hypersensitivity to the two vaccines or one of their components (after the first dose).
  4. People below the age of 18.

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Source: Saudi Gazette