Covid-19: Saudi Arabia Eases Some Restrictions from 7 March 2021


Saudi Arabia decided not to extend the precautionary measures related to suspending Dine-in services at Restaurants, Sports and Entertainment activities.

Earlier, saudi arabia suspended recreational events on 3 Feb 2021 to halt the spread of coronavirus. The suspension was extended on 14 Feb 2021 for 20 days.

Ministry of Interior to Resume Dine-in, Sports and Entertainment Activities

Saudi Arabia has decided to lift the suspension on dine-in services in restaurants and cafes, and reopens gyms and movie theaters from March 7 but maintains a ban on large social gatherings.

However, all large social gatherings such as weddings and banquets continue to be suspended, regardless of the location, until further notice. The maximum number of individuals in a single gathering is remain 20 people. If violated then Fine for Public Gathering Violation imposed.

The ministry highlighted the need for everyone to adhere to these measures and not be complacent in applying precautionary measures, preventive measures, and protocols approved for all activities to preserve the public health of society and protect the gains achieved during the last period on all levels.

The ministry urged people to stick to safety measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 and said there would be an increase in places checks to ensure everyone followed the rules and fines are imposed on violators.

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