Penalty and Imprisonment against Exploiting Movement Permits

Saudi MOI

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia warned those who uses movement permit or permission granted to move around during curfew hours, other than the work on which the permit allocated.

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Jail Time and Fine for using Movement Permits for other Work than Permitted

The MOI released a video on their official twitter page. It says that there will be fine minimum SAR 10,000 and maximum SAR 100,000. It is also says that 1 month or 1 year of imprisonment can also be the penalty for violators.

These penalty depends on the violation it can either jail time and fine or both, with the cancellation of movement permit granted to the violated person.

Expatriate maybe deported from Saudi Arabia and barred entry into the Kingdom permanently, after implementing the punishment taken against violated expat.

Want to go outside Home during Curfew ?

Yes, with permit and Tawakkalna application with ease you can request permit to move during curfew hours to Work, Shopping and Emergency etc.

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