Riyadh Oasis Festival is Ready to Bring Back in Arabian Desert for 3 months


Kingdom is planning to hit the ground running with its 3-month Riyadh Oasis desert festival, so get yourself ready for a fresh new start! The festival will feature different open-air activities and themes depending on the season. This is a call for everyone craving a fresh new start. This event will be in a remote desert area in north Riyadh offering a variety of concerts, traditional camping, and some upscale restaurants.

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Riyadh Oasis desert festival for 3 months is ready to bring back the Festive

Now that it’s wintertime, ‘Oasis Riyadh’ will entertain you with some outstanding Saudi artists, featuring many of their aesthetic elements.

Impressed? Well, we’re still not done yet! It’s mind-blowing how you’ll find everything that crosses your mind in one place; from sports to shopping pavilions with pop-ups that include not only local but also international brands. To reach perfection, Al-Sheikh suggested to all those interested in entertainment to share ideas and thoughts by sending a video clip and the top 20 ideas will be awarded. What great motivation to make this even better than it already is, right?

And for the food lovers out there, ‘Oasis Riyadh’ is planning to fill your stomach with different cuisines ranging from contemporary Japanese and Latin American to Italian and Greek.

This event is aiming to boost the entertainment and tourism sector post-pandemic. Stay optimistic everyone, Saudi Arabia is planning to blow our minds away! (Source: Ministry of Tourism)

  • Starting from: 17th January 2021 – and ending on 12th April 2021
  • Timing: 3 AM – 3 PM
  • Everyone is allowed including Children
  • Tickets From: SAR 500 – SAR 1000 (Chefz App required to book the ticket->Select the Oasis Riyadh Page and choose the event you want to enter)
  • Link for location and more details: https://enjoy.sa/ar/events/riyadh-oasis/
  • Children from 6 to 11 years old are only allowed until 6:00 pm. As for camp reservations, children of all ages are permitted.
  • Please check the reservation time before arriving at Oasis Riyadh.
  • Note: The event organizers have mentioned to “make sure that you do not have any Coronavirus Symptoms.”

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