Riyadh Season 2021: Major Events in October


The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) announced the schedule of major events that will take place this October 2021 as part of the Riyadh season 2021. 

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Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Season 2 Major Events

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of GEA announced on Monday that the Riyadh Season 2021 will begin on October 20. This year’s event is expected to run from October 2021 to March 2022 under the slogan #Imagine_More.

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The Riyadh Season 2021 events will kick off with an opening parade and international concert, followed by the Boulevard launch and a WWE event.

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The events will also include a variety of entertainment shows, as well as artistic and musical performances, and will mark the debut of Winter Wonderland and Riyadh Safari.

Riyadh Season 2: October Events Dates

October 20Parade and International Concert
October 21Boulevard Launch
October 21WWE Event
October 22Riyadh Front Launch/RUSH
October 22MBC The House of Talent
October 22Crystal Maze Show
October 23Combat Field Launch
October 24Al Muraba Launch
October 25Masameer Experience
October 26Winter Wonderland Launch
October 26Salam Murabaa Play
October 27Riyadh Safari Launch
October 27The Champions of Magic
October 28Egyptian Orchestra
October 28Arabian Concert George Wassuf & Wael Jassar
October 2910 CDS Messi

Riyadh Season 2: Tickets

Most of the events are offered free of charge while some require tickets, and will be listed on the Riyadh Season website.

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