Saudi Aramco has Changes Petrol Prices – October 2020

Saudi Aramco has decreased the petrol prices as per their official website, petrol and other fuel prices for the month of October 2020, at a time when oil prices are fluctuating amid fears on global pandemic due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

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Saudi Aramco Petrol Prices update

Gasoline 91

  • Before: SAR 1.47 per liter
  • New Price: SAR 1.44 per liter

Gasoline 95

  • Before: SAR 1.63 per liter
  • New Price: SAR 1.59 per liter

Diesel:0.52 SAR/Liter
Kerosene:0.70 SAR/Liter
LPG:0.75 SAR/Liter

Source: Saudi Aramco

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