Saudization in IT and Communications Professions

Saudi Ministry of Labor

The Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi, announced the issuance of a decision to localize the professions of communication and information technology in private sector establishments.

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Saudization of Communication & IT Jobs in Private Sector

The below tweet translates to “We have issued a decision to nationalize communications and information technology professions in private sector establishments, which will provide more job opportunities for Saudis and Saudi women. We ask God to grant success to the sons and daughters of the nation.”

Localize communication and information technology professions in Private sector companies which employs 5 workers or more, with the aim of providing 9,000 jobs with a wage starting from 7,000 riyals for specialized professions and 5,000 riyals for technical professions. The profession Include:

  • Communications and Information Technology Engineering.
  • Application development and programming.
  • Technical support jobs for communications.

The Ministry of HR called the owners of the establishments and job seekers to review the procedural guide accompanying the ministerial decision shown on its website.
The decision comes with a set of Saudization decisions that the Ministry has worked on, the Ministry aspires the decision to provide 9,000 job opportunities in the field of communications and information technology.
The Ministry also documented the calculated salary for the Saudization of telecommunications jobs, so that the wage starts from 7,000 riyals for specialized professions and 5,000 Riyals for Technical professions.

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