Saudization of the Education Sector will Create 87,000 Jobs


Saudi Arabia’s plan to saudization in the private education sector expects to create more than 87,000 jobs for its citizens, according to a local media report.

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Localisation of education to create 87,000 jobs for Saudis

The number of jobs held by expatriates in the private education sector is over 87,000 out of a total of 272,000 or about 30 percent of the sector’s overall jobs, said online news portal Sabq, citing official statistics.

The report says that the number of public schools in the kingdom has reached 38,000 with 6.2 million students, while in the private sector there are 6,144 schools in the kingdom.

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According to the report, family spending on private education in Saudi Arabia amounts to SR 18 billion annually.

The Ministry of Education has recently directed promoting the localization of jobs in the non-governmental education sector, allowing Saudi citizens to take administrative and supervisory positions in private schools and replace foreign teachers with local counterparts.

Experts believe that setting a minimum wage in private schools will make them an attractive work environment for many Saudi graduates as some of these schools still offer low wages and cut from employees’ salaries in case of holidays or class discontinuation.

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al Rajhi recently announced a decree to Saudization in Restaurants, Malls and Education Professions.

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