Arab Mother Kills Son, Cooks and Eats his Body


Hanna Muhammad Hassan, a 29-year-old Egyptian mother, killed her only kid. This horrific act occurred on 26th April 2023.

Police arrested Hanaa after discovering her son’s body parts in buckets in her house in the city of Faqus in the governorate of Ash Sharqiyah.

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Motive Behind Killing Son?

Hanna was suffering from mental stress after her divorce. She had a fear that her ex-husband would separate her from her child.

Hanna was experiencing mental distress as a result of her divorce and that her ex-husband separates her from her child.

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Hanna also feared that her family would poison her and her child, so she relocated to a lonely and remote location.

She strangled her five-year-old son, chopped him, placed him in a bucket, cooked his body parts, and then ate it because she “wanted him to stay with her forever,

Punishment for Mother?

According to the health reports of the woman, she is suffering from mental upset post her divorce. The case was heard for several days by the 5-panel Egyptian court.

While people were demanding and expecting a severe punishment for the cruel mother, the court was satisfied that the accused suffered from mental illness.

Given her mental state, the court has ordered that she be sent to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Source: Al Arabiya

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